The fight for the direct classification of the Olympics has as protagonist’s great champions. The World Champion Jaouad Achab is one of them.

The ranking put a strong fight between positions two to ten, any athlete could be left out and the key to qualifying will be the three great prix in the last months of the year that award 120 points to the ranking.

Jaouad Achab has a good year, He is sponsored by the taekwondo supplies brand JCALICU and has taken the podium in the 4 events he has competed this year including the bronze medal at the World Taekwondo Championship.

Knowing the Champion

Jaouad Achab was born in Morocco but due to political problems decided to emigrate to Belgium for a better future for them all – and for more taekwondo opportunities for their wunderkind son. He started fighting immediately upon arrival on both the Belgian and European circuits. “I had some wins, some losses, as I had not had any international experience,“ he recalls. “But little by little, I understood international-level competition.


Before long, he was travelling to Antwerp – at the Flemish Federations expense – on most days and started winning G1 and G2 tournaments. But lacking Belgian nationality, he could not fight in the European or World Championships. That changed in 2013.  “I became Belgian that year,” he said. It was an amazing day: I was crying and everything. It was a big door for a better future.

He fought in the 2013 World Championships, winning two matches. In 2014, he became European champion. “That was my first dream to achieve,” he said. “After that another door opened: After the Europeans, I became a professional athlete with BLOSO, the Flemish Governmental sport organisation, which supported me a lot. From then on, I have got a lot of results.

At the 2015 World Championships in Chelyabinsk, Russia the result was a World Championship title. “It was the most important competition of my life and the biggest day of my life,” he said, classing that – along with the European Championships and the World Universiade, which he also won in 2015 – as his top competitive achievements.

Now he has a new dream, Tokyo 2020.


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